Visual Communication

Project 5 Web Design


You will design and execute a set of Web pages for yourself.


There will be at least three connected pages with at least one image on each page. There will be at least one link to an external site (i.e. <A HREF="">). There will be at least one link where e-mail can be sent to the page author you (i.e. <A HREF="">).


All material on your Web pages must be original due to copyright concerns. If you did not create the material, you cannot use it unless you get permission, it is copyright free (some clipart falls into this category) or you have made a substantial change to the material. Remember what makes for good Web design: good content, easy navigation, fast-loading pictures, et cetera.


Important Most personal websites lack compelling material, which is necessary for a website to be interesting, appealing and visited. Any material used for a personal website must be interesting. Consider what you know, have or do that would make you interesting to people anywhere in the world. Consider interesting hobbies, collections, skills, work, et cetera.


How you will be graded. You will be graded on the degree of success you have in making a set of Web pages work with a browser. Your choice of material to present will be graded. How easy the page is to navigate will be considered. Following the above instructions is very important. Of course aesthetic appeal, use of design principles and originality will be judged heavily.