Visual Communication

Project 4 Video Editing


You will edit together the video clips provided on the J210 Web site to form a cohesive video news package. You do not have to use all the clips, but you do need to have the anchor introduce any news story you use. You will have credits at the end of the package listing your name as editor. The package you turn in will be exported/encoded into standard avi format. Have the package ready on a thumb/flash drive. You will present the package in class and save your file in the designated folder on the instructor's computer. It is a good idea to name your completed file something that includes your name. Since single words work better, "allmanvideo01.avi" would be a good file name for a package done by your professor. You may use any video-editing application. Adobe Premiere Elements is available on the lab computers. Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Premiere Pro are available to IUS students for free at


This project’s objectives are to teach you the following:

• how to use storyboards

• how to use a non-linear video editing application to produce a video package

• how design principles can be used in video production

• how the steps of design can be used to create video