Develop a creative campaign for Ken Stutsman Painting: The campaign should include the following:


• What is the creative problem you face?

• Who is the target audience? Why? (Research)

• Where are you in the minds of this audience?

• Where is the competition in the minds of this audience?

• Where would you like to be in the minds of this audience?

• What’s the Big Idea? (Promise, Tag Line)

• What is the tone of this campaign?

• What are the trends?

• What is the company's philosophy?

• Who are the key personnel?

• What do we know about the target audience? (demographics, psychographics)

• Where does the target audience get their information?

• What does the competition offer?

• What does the competition’s ads look like? Do they work?


Present ads in three media to support this campaign. Include ad placement information, costs and analysis.


This will be presented as well as documented.