Magazine Project Checklist

Did you design two facing pages?
Did you print them as a spread (Print -> General -> Spreads)?
Did you print pages 2 and 3 only (Print -> General -> Range = 2-3)?
Did you scale to fit before you printed (Print -> Setup -> Scale to Fit)?
Did you change the paper orientation to landscape (Print -> Setup -> Orientation)?
Did you print it out twice and put it in a paper, pocket folder with your name on it? Is your name on the back of the layouts?
Did you use progressive margins?
Do you have a display head?
Do you have a folio line on both pages?
Do all photos have a photo credit, cutline and border (where appropriate)?
Are your photos not squished, squashed, stretched or distorted (aspect ratio)?
Does the story have a byline?
Do the bottoms of columns of text line up with each other?
If the story jumps, do you indicate that with a jump line or dingbat?
Are you proud of your work?