J210, Visual Communications
Final Exam 100 pts.


Know about the following topic areas:

Photography: cutline rules, dominant images, what makes a good photograph, types of bad photographs, copyright law

Web design: basic HTML tags, definition of the Internet, parts of the Internet, definition of the Web

Infographics: parts of an infographic (headline, chatter, source, etc.), types of infographics (glances, graphs, maps, diagrams, sequences, illustrations)

Page design: modular layouts, headline rules, photo rules, grids, how to break up gray

Inks, paper and printing: what can you make paper out of, processes for making wood into paper, paper specifications, ink formulations, ink specifications, printing methods

Be prepared to design a page in HTML.

Terms to know: Picas, points, modular layout, cutlines, captions, catch lines, halftones, wild art, folio, folio lines, drop columns, progressive margins, drop caps, continuing elements, balance, harmony, contrast, unity, HTML, FTP, e-mail, WWW, telnet, newsgroups, fast facts, bio boxes, lists, glossary, checklist, quiz, Q&A, public opinion poll, quote collection, ratings, tables, fever chart, line chart, bar chart, pie chart, locator maps, data maps, schematics, time lines, processes, <HEAD>, <TITLE>, <BODY>, <BGCOLOR>, <B>, <I>, <CENTER>, <HR>, <P>, <BR>, <A HREF>, <IMG SRC>, mailto:, http://, xerography, screen printing, lithography, offset, perfect press, intaglio, gravure, relief, letterpress, flatbed, platen, flexography, Fourdrinier machine, opacity, vehicle, additives, pigments, dyes, viscosity, tackiness

The exam will be objective (fill in the blank, multiple choice, true/false questions) with the exception of the HTML page.