J210, Visual Communications

Exam 1 Study Sheet

Know about the following topic areas:  
5 R’s of design (“research” through “run”)
Design principles (ex. Balance, harmony)
Design elements (ex. Line, form)
Categories of Type (ex. Serif, novelty)
Color schemes (ex. Spectral neighbors, triad)
Gestalt principles (ex. Good continuation, closure)
Parts of a newspaper (ex. Sigs, masthead, flag)
Symbols of dummies
Prototypical Ad Designs (ex. Grid, Band, Mondrian)

InDesign: What tool to use when editing text, what tool to use to move frames, what tool to use to draw text frames, what tool to use to draw picture frames, what tool to use to draw a rule, how to change size of a photo, how to change font size, type, attributes

Terms to know: Picas, points, leading, x-height, baseline, serif, sans serif, black letter, script, cursive, novelty type, counter, oblique stress, alignment, bug, sig, byline, cutline, cutoff rule, deck, dummy, folio, grid, modular layout, refer, skyboxes, subhead, trapped white space, cognitive dissonance, complementary colors, primary colors, secondary colors, triads, spectral neighbors, cool colors, warm colors, split complement