Visual Communication

Project 1 – Ad Design


You will design and execute two advertisements in your choice of the following prototypical ad styles: Mondrian, Grid, Frame, Silhouette, Band or Axial. Each ad will be a different style. The ad will be 8.5 inches by 11 inches and in black and white. You will turn in two of each style of ad for a total of four pieces. These ads will be turned in, in a paper (not plastic) pocketed folder with your name on the outside of the folder and on the back of each ad.


The photos for these ads can be found on Ron’s Faculty Homepage. You can get to this website by going to The photo links are Ad Photo 1 through Ad Photo 5. The copy, logo and contact information for the ad can also be found on this site, labeled Ad Copy, Ad Logo and Ad Contact Information, respectively.


This project’s objectives are to teach you the following:

how to use basic ad styles to design advertisements

how to use InDesign to design ads

how design principles can be used in advertising design

how the steps of design can be used to create ads